Exciting Work at the Karibu Centre in Thika

Traveling around Kenya can be a bit challenging with the traffic (think Mad Max style driving), the fumes, and lack of GPS direction.  However our trip to Thika to visit the Karibu Centre was well worth the drive.

The Karibu Centre is doing similar work to KC’s LRC, however they are larger and serving children for 3 months in age through primary school.  We saw how the preschool students were using durable computers with headphones to learn basic computer and early learning activities including Sesame Street and Reader Rabbit.  We then watched a dynamic teacher introduce STEAM to the students.  His class and teaching was interactive and supportive and encouraged

critical thinking and group work— methods often not used in Kenya.

The Karibu Centre is working to be self-sustaining through creating soap.  They are growing fields of Aloe Vera and have packaged a beautiful product.  This program employees local workers and will help tell their stories to consumers back in the states.

As our own work progresses, it is exciting to meet and develop partnerships with groups like the Karibu Centre.  Their Director, Luke Kincaid, who visited our LRC last month was generous in sharing his knowledge and the scope of their work.

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